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Approximately 60 people attended NZSLA's hui on 26-28 October 2018. The following topics were covered: current updates in the NZSL teaching field (e.g. NZSLTA, NCEA, SLPI, Assessment for children etc), future impacts (e.g. EGL - Enabling Good Lives, curriculum development, TeachSign updates). We also reviewed the current tutor registration system and discussed setting up a mentoring system for NZSL tutors. Special gratitude goes to the NZSL Board for their financial support  and also the following people for their work to make this hui happen: Rachel Noble, Karla Smith, Ursula Thynne, Josje Lelijveld, Lynette Southey-Ray and Jaime Brown.

People at NZSLTA

NZSLTA appointed a new executive committee at NZSLTA's hui last October. President: Victoria Green. Vice-President: James Pole. Executive committee members: Susie Ovens, Ruth Sullivan, Candice David. Theresa Cooper has also been appointed as NZSLTA's Communications Coordinator. Congratulations to all. Their first meeting will take place this January.

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