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NZSL Project Updates

The Office for Disability Issues (ODI) commissioned a group of NZSL tutors to work on a few projects from March to June. This work is nearly completed and there are some exciting developments.

Thank you for doing the NZSL tutors survey. Overall, there was high satisfaction with TeachSign resources with some suggestions for improvements. Click here for the report. The survey findings were discussed at a NZSL Level One resources advisory group meeting on 15th June and more info will be shared later.

Adapting TeachSign for MaoriTe Reo settings

Adapting TeachSign for Maori/Te Reo settings

An advisory group meet in Auckland late March. Maori NZSL tutors and Te Reo consultants looked at how TeachSign units 1-3 could be adapted for teaching in Maori/Te Reo settings.

A proposal has been presented to Office for Disability Issues. This has been given the green light. Click here for more info.

NZSL Level Two Advisory Group MeetingNZSL Level Two Learning Outcomes

Exciting news, the long-awaited NZSL Level Two learning outcomes framework have been developed. An advisory group meet in Wellington early April to brainstorm topics and learning outcomes. Click here to find out more.

This is fantastic news because this means we can move forward with developing NZSL Level Two learning materials. Watch this space.

Drawings projectDrawings collection

TeachSign is thrilled to open up a collection of 2,400 drawings by Shaun Fahey. These drawings were done during the development of TeachSign NZSL Level One and NZSL for Families curriculum.

These drawings can only be accessed by registered members (either fully qualified or provisionally qualified tutors) in resources folder. All drawings are tagged which means you can click on a category or type a word e.g. 'dog' in search tab to find the drawing you need.



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