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Getting Started

The 10 steps below gives you an idea how to get started.

1. Explore

Observe an NZSL class. Talk to NZSL teachers. Ask questions.

2. Join

Become an NZSLTA member. Understand the NZSLTA's teacher registration system.

3. Train

Join NZSLTA workshops. Enrol in the Certificate in Deaf Studies: Teaching NZSL course at Victoria University. Observe more NZSL classes.

4. Set up

Ask local NZSL teachers where you could teach. Contact a Community Education Centre to set up a class.

5. Understand

Look through this website. Read about learning outcomes, course outlines, resources etc.

6. Prepare

Make a lesson plan. Prepare resources.

7. Practice

Practice how you'll introduce signs, explain activities and use resources.

8. Teach

Happy teaching! Enjoy new challenges.

9. Reflect

Think about how you can improve. Ask others for ideas and feedback.

10. Upskill

Keep up your NZSLTA membership. Look out for new resources. Continue attending conferences and workshops.

Sharing Experiences

These members will tell you a part of their journey of becoming an NZSL teacher.

Last updated: 18/9/2018