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2018 - 2019 Membership

Join our NZSL teaching community today!

NZSLTA is a national organisation for those involved with teaching NZSL. It costs $30 to join from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019. Membership form is not available for 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020. Please wait until late March. Benefits include:

  • Access to TeachSign website and teaching resources at **
  • Access to "NZSL Teachers Hub" closed Facebook group.
  • Discounted conference, professional development and workshop prices.
  • Notifications about NZSL teaching matters and events.

** All members can access NZSL Level One Units 1-3 resources. Provisionally qualified and fully qualified registered members can access units 4 onwards. New members will be given log in details.

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Last updated: 16/1/2019